The Low/No Alcohol Trend


 “One of the biggest misconceptions at trade accounts is that non-alcoholic products are just for people who are sober, pregnant, or abstaining for religious reasons…” – Kate Dingwall (, 2022)

It’s been a while since I’ve posted a blog, but with good reason. We launched our first two DRNK mocktails, our Mojito and Mule at the CHFA Show (Canadian Health Food Association) in Vancouver this past April to a very receptive and enthusiastic audience! And, we have been working diligently to gain traction and get placement on shelves to meet demand from mindful consumers. Check the FIND US section of the website for new store locations as well as promo events this summer

New York’s First Non-Alcoholic Spirits Distributor Is a Big Deal! – It’s perfect timing that I stumbled upon this article which highlights New York’s first non-alcoholic spirits distributor and discusses some of the hurdles and solutions paving the way for sober curious movement and mindful consumption. The emergence of a dedicated distributor clearly signals that low/ no alcohol beverages are in demand, and the industry is adapting to ensure supply can keep up! As with any trend or disruptive movement, the broader market needs to be educated. Education in the form of understanding who and what is driving demand for non-alcoholic beverages, or mocktails, and why this movement is here to stay.

Who’s Drinking? – Would it surprise you to learn that, “80% of the people who buy non-alcoholic drinks still drink alcohol.”? Millennials and Gen-Z are the driving force behind this shift, as they like to drink moderately. They are also the consumer generation really pushing for more health-conscious products focused on low sugar, low calories, natural ingredients, and fewer preservatives. In addition to these generational shifts in drinking habits, we have older generations that are cutting back or cutting out alcohol completely after years of excessive consumption which is now taking its toll.  And then there are those just looking to change their bad habits for new and healthy ones. Whether you are sober living or sober curious, the good news is there are new products coming to market to meet your demand…and hopefully with innovations to the supply chain, we will see a lot more acceptance and ease of getting these products in the hands of mindful consumers.  

Can We Still Socialize Without the Booze? – This is a question that I personally had to ask myself when I first decided to give up alcohol. Back then (approx. 10-15 years ago) it wasn’t as easy given the lack of alcohol-free beverages combined with a culture that thought NOT drinking was strange. As this article so rightly points out, “We’re trying to change people’s perceptions and perspectives. Part of the ritual with drinking alcohol is just socialization — you don’t want to feel out of place.”

Once we can learn to disassociate alcohol with the social aspects of meeting for drinks, then it really becomes more about being out and the company you are with than the drinking itself.  But this also means that for those looking for alternatives to a ‘boozy bevy’, there are options available for them! We need to make room for an all-encompassing opportunity where drinkers and non-drinkers alike can get together at their favourate bar, restaurant, music festival, or other social events, and be offered their drink of choice, whether it contains alcohol or not. 

DRNK Was Forged From My Own Struggles With Sobriety – I stopped drinking alcohol, but I also didn’t want to consume copious amounts of sugar, and I wanted a great-tasting drink as well. That was the driving force behind DRNK. BUT…many of my friends still partake, and I’d never want to leave them out either. I am an all-inclusive type of person, and I think this is where the movement really needs to thrive. I am not here to point fingers or shame someone into changing their lifestyle. And as human beings, we don’t like being told what to do…but we do thrive with freedom of choice. And the more choices we have, the more in control we can feel about our decisions, especially as a consumer.

So, whether you are sober living like me, or sober curious and looking to cut back, or just looking for an easier alternative to cocktail night, we’ve got you covered. DRNK is ready-to-drink and ready-to-mix. And with more dedicated resources in the low/ no alcohol space from dedicated shelving at your local grocery or liquor store, low/no alcohol distributors to sober bars, to the multitude of new products coming to market, mindful consumption is here to stay, and we are excited to be a part of this growing trend.

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