DRNK Beverage Corp. (DRNK) is a Vancouver-based beverage company serving up some tasty mocktails that are low in sugar, low calories, low carbs, and have amazing flavour, without the alcohol! And now…we have a place to call home and to interact with our community🤩

DRNK’s new storefront in downtown Vancouver is open for business. YASSS, we opened up a storefront, and are serving up fresh and healthy smoothies and bowls, grab-n-go meals, coffee and tea, and of course, our signature mocktails.


In real estate, one of the first rules of thumb is picking the right location. Well luckily for us, this is a great location. 

On Hornby just south of Robson Square, near the Art Gallery.

  • Close to Robson Street shopping and Pacific Centre Mall – especially coming up on the holidays with all that planned shopping…stop in for a power-up, rest your feet, grab a DRNK and de-stress with us 🤌🏽
  • Steps from the Wedgewood Hotel, 1 block from the Fairmont, and close to the courthouse – go dispute your parking ticket and stop in for a refresher afterwards – You can vent we’ll listen!


Being a Mocktail & Smoothie Bar, we are of course serving freshly made smoothies and bowls, as well as pressed juices, grab-n-go meals, baked goods, and a variety of beverages to quench your thirst.

We also have our signature DRNK mocktails, either our Mojito or Mule ready-to-drink or blended with frozen fruit for a fun and flavourful twist!

Our Baristas are friendly and pleasant and look forward to making your day awesome!

We happen to carry one of the best vegan protein powders I’ve ever tasted, in chocolate and vanilla, packed with 20g of protein per serving. But don’t worry, we’ve also got good old Whey protein, and a few other alternatives available for you as well. We have a few other health and wellness products in store that span a variety of items from lavender flowers to Epsom salts. These items change every so often, so come into the store to see what’s new.

What else do we have going on? I am glad that you asked.

This is a large and beautiful space, and we are going to utilize it to its fullest.

Featured Alcohol Free Products

I am so excited to announce that we will be bringing in other alcohol free products for our sober living, sober curious, just plain curious customers. With have partnered with our friends at AFBev.com who have helped us curate some low & no alcohol products that will be available for purchase in store!

Coming in this monthMikkeller alcohol free beers from Denmark!


We have opened up some space for some fun and tasty pop-ups! From food to clothing to anything in between, local businesses can come set up shop for anywhere from 1-14 days.  They will get access to organic customer flow and are able to promote their special pop-up presence weeks before to help create a buzz.

Coming in Thursday, November 10, 2022

Sweet Success | Protein-packed donuts in a variety of flavours

8:30am-4:30pm (or until inventory is sold out!)

Visit them to learn more www.sweetsuccesstreats.com

Future and past pop-ups can be found on our website here. If you’d like to inquire about a pop-up opportunity, send us an email store@drnkbev.com

DRNK Updates

We continue to build brand awareness, increase our retail locations and grow our sales channels both within BC and across Canada! We will continue to do demos and events, so look out for us over the holidays.

Speaking of the holidays, we make a great gift idea whether for your corporate gifts, friends and family or for that special someone in your life 💕

DRNK Mocktail & Smoothie Bar

857 Hornby Street (between Smithe and Robson)

Mon-Fri 8:30am-4:30pm and Sat 9:30am-5:30pm

Check out the store website here and we hope to see you soon!